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Launching MICHELIN Pilot Road 4, Ban Radial Sport Touring

  Untuk ¬†memenuhi kebutuhan konsumen di segmen sport touring, PT Michelin Indonesia (MICHELIN) hari ini memperkenalkan ban radial terbaru yaitu MICHELIN Pilot Road 4. Acara perkenalan ban baru Michelin tersebut berlangsung di salah satu cafe di kawasan Kemang, Jakarta Selatan yang dihadiri sejumlah awak media.¬†

Panamera Edition: Gran Turismo with extensive standard features

  The special version of the Panamera(1) stands out through elegant styling combined with a significantly expanded range of standard equipment. Three models with powerful six-cylinder engines will be offered: the Panamera Edition(2) and Panamera 4 Edition(3) both come with an engine that delivers 310 hp (228 kW), while the Panamera Diesel Edition(4) (not available […]