Motorcycle Outreach and Health for All

30 Maret 2012. Bro.. masih ingat dengan artikel berjudul 2 Biker Wanita Inggris Melintas Dunia? Ya, kedua wanita bule yang sudah berumur itu, Sheonagh and Pat kini sudah tiba di negaranya Inggris setelah menjalani touring keliling dunia menempuh 32 ribu KM sepanjang 16 bulan. Kini mereka menjadi sumber inspirasi sekaligus pembicara dan juga ikut membantu aksi bakti sosial mencari dana. Mereka kemarin send e-mail kepada yang pada intinya lagi mencari dana untuk health workers di wilayah Flores Indonesia. Untuk selengkapnya silahkan baca email berikut ini:

Hope you are all well!

It was great to meet you guys on the Malaysia Brotherhood Ride! Pat and I got back home after 16 months, 32,000 kilometres and 15 countries – and the bikes are fine! The 2012 Olympics are coming to London and all the sailing events will be in Weymouth where we live, so we are both involved as volunteers this summer – it should be great fun!

We are now giving talks about our trip and raising funds for a British charity called Motorcycle Outreach – please see (So far our talks have raised about US$800.) The charity raises funds to supply motorcycles, maintenance and rider training for health workers in the Flores area of Indonesia.

It is run locally by a project called Health for All (HfA) in East Flores. It is based on the long-established Riders for Health (RFH) model and HfA’s first Director was trained by RFH how to manage a Transport Resource Management (TRM) project like this. This program is unique in Asia and was started in July 2002.

HfA has won several awards within Indonesia for developing the Zero Breakdown Motorcycle Management Program:

2009 award from Bakti Foundation; 2010 award from SATU Indonesia and PT International; 2011 Indonesia Millenium Awards.

The motorcycles that were bought at the start of the project are now 10 years old and despite careful maintenance, they now need replacing. About 12 new bikes are needed, as well as ongoing finance to maintain the project.

It seems from that a new YT115 costs Rp 11,835,000 (about US$1,291.00). Yamaha gave HfA the first bikes at a good price – hopefully they can be persuaded to do the same again!

Motorcycle Outreach is urgently trying to raise the funds for this and is approaching several charitable organisations in the UK such as the National Lottery, Rotary International, Lions Club etc, but this is a slow process.

I thought of you guys and wondered if you could help us? Do you have any contacts with Lions Club Jakarta, Rotary Indonesia or other organisations like this? We would be very grateful to hear if you could give us any introductions or even contact anybody for us. Obviously any money raised would go straight to HfA and not come via England! I understand that the HfA guys in Flores can give presentations about what they do.

Any ideas you have for helping us raise the money will be very welcome!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and best regards
Sheonagh and Pat

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up and proclaiming “Wow what a ride!”

Bagi teman-teman yang hatinya tergerak,dan ingin serius berpatisipasi membantu aksi sosial ini, baik secara individu maupun institusi (perusahaan), silahkan kontak via japri e-mail: yang nantinya akan diteruskan kepada Sheonagh and Pat.

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